Unscented Tealight Candles - 6 Hour Metal Cup

    Unscented Tealight Candles - 6 Hour Metal Cup

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    ...this unscented Tealight Candle is perfect when an extended burn time is require. These easy-to-clean metal cup tealights have all the benefits of regular tealights with an extra-long burn time. These tealights are great to use in any application where the tealight needs to burn for over 6 hours.

    • Self-contained in metal cup
    • Disposable
    • Burns 6-7 hours
    • Sold individually
    • 1 7/16" x 5/8"

    Note: This tealight is made by compressing wax, so you might have powder residue on the outside of the cup. This happens in shipping and is unavoidable. Need a clean ready-to-use tealight? Check out our long-burning Clear Cup Unscented Tealight Candles. They are hand poured with no powder residue on the cups.

    Tip: For optimal tealight burning, when using a candle holder, we recommend the holder have at least 1/16" of space between the tealight and the inside of the holder. This is true for all tealight candles, no matter the maker of the candle. The 1/16" allows for the tealight cup to expand as it heats up. As with all materials, they expand when heated and contract when cooled.

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