Essential Warmer Oil - Lemon Grass (Litsea cubeba)

    Essential Warmer Oil - Lemon Grass (Litsea cubeba)

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    ...Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil is a must for every aromatherapy kit. It is best known for the pleasant citrus scent that is emitted from its leaves, flowers, and fruit. It is quite similar in fragrance to lemongrass, but smells even sweeter. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners use Litsea cubeba oil in inhalers for asthma sufferers and people with bronchitis, because it helps dilate the bronchial tubes. Some practitioners use it to treat fatigue, back pain, headaches, muscular pain, depression, and anxiety.

    Our essential oils are sold and intended only for aromatherapy in oil warmers or vaporizers. Not for use on skin! All our essential oils are blended with a small amount of pure coconut oil; this prevents oils from burning in your aroma diffusers. Essential oils are powerful; you should always consult a physician or qualified specialist on using pure essential oils on your skin. Our essential oils are bottled in a cobalt blue or brown glass bottle; this keeps oil fresh and protects the oil from light deterioration.

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