Candle Coaster - Set of  5

    Candle Coaster - Set of 5

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    ...these Candle-licious Coasters are great to protect many surfaces from the heat of a burning candle. We all know candles get hot why risk damaging your counter tops or even that treasured antique. Place our Candle Coaster under tealights, votive cups, jar candles even tart warmers and be a safer candle user

    • 3 1/2"
    • 5 per package
    • Disposable

    Our candle coaster provides additional protection when used along with proper candle maintenance and burning practices. The further down a candle burns the hotter the container will become keep the wick well-trimmed. Periodically check surface under candle, if getting warm extinguish candle.

    Try stacking several coasters for added protection

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