Jar candle shades, lamp shades for candles, and jar toppers.




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Jar Candle Shades, Jar Candle Lamps, Jar Toppers, Votive Candle Lamps, and Glass Candle Shades

Candle lamps and candle shades are the perfect decoration for your candles. Accessorize your candles. Get the jar holder base or votive holder base and the candle shade for one low price. Our candle lamps are extremely high quality handpainted stoneware. Most other places sell these as separate pieces, charging $13.99 for the top piece and the same charge for the bottom piece.

Votive candle lamps fits all standard votive candles. Jar candle lamp fits most all round jar candles usually 14oz to 24oz jar sizes.  Jar candle shades also help stablize the flame for a cleaner burning candle. Any trace elements of soot are caught inside the shade. Use caution as these candle lamps get hot during use.

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candle topper

Iris Jar Candle Lamp Set $22.95
Decorative and functional, candle lamps are as beautiful as they are useful. This Iris set features the jar shade and jar plate. The lamp shades regulates the air flow into the jar candle, stabilizing the flame, ensuring jar candles burn cleaner.

tealight candle lamps

Tealight Lamp Sets $12.95
Pretty pastel tealight candle lamp, 2 piece set includes a thick quality colored glass lamp shade and a  glass base . The quality of this candle lamp is truly unbelievable, it is stunning and it's made from thick high quality glass. Great table decoration for any event!

candle shade

Lemonade Jar Candle Lamp Set $22.95
Time out for lemonade is a pattern from the designer Diane Knott. This set features an old-fashioned pitcher of lemonade surrounded by pretty pink flowers. Effective in helping the candle burn clean, and striking in any decor!

Candle Lamps

Staind glass Look tealight lamp $14.95                                                                                                        Glass tealight lamp is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or your living room
Any standard tealight will work scented or unscented metal cup and plastic cup.                              Lamp is also duo purpose; an oil wick is included with the lamp.
Simply fill the bottom base with lamp oil insert the wick and it is ready to use as an oil lamp.

 Candle Lamps

Tealight Lamp $12.95
Glass tealight lamp is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or your living room
Any standard tealight will work scented or unscented metal cup and plastic cup.
Great table decoration for any event!            


table candle lamps

Blue Tealight Lamp $14.95

Glass tealight lamp great table decorations for weddings, graduations or any special event. Create a romantic mood in any room of your house.


pewter candle holder

Pewter Tealight Lamps $15.95                                                                                                           Pewter lamps choose from 3 styles Grapes, Angel or Sun & Moon.                                                         Makes a great gift!


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Glass Votive Lamps

glass votive lamp

 Glass Candle Shade $10.95

Glass shade, your choice of shades pictured left to right: Crackle Glass or Clear, Frosted in back row.

Our glass shades are great for hand painted craft projects

Glass Votive Candle Lamp Shades

votive lamp

Glass Votive Candle Lamp Base $6.95

Glass votive holder base just add your shade, and you have a great gift or art project for hand painting.

 The shade base fits a votive candle perfectly; snug fit allows the candle to burn all the way down.

Great for craft projects




Candle lamps are a practical accessory for your candles. Jar candle lamps are both effective at preventing soot and attractive!