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Candle Holders, Votive Holders, and Tea Light Holders, not all glass is heat resistant, special additives are added and the cooling process is different for glass that is heat tempered and safe for candles, we checked!

Glass Votive Candle Holders, Votive Cups, Candle Holder

Quality glass votive candleholders specifically for use with votive candles. Never burn a votive candle directly on your counter, votives must be burned in a snug candle cup, always place the votive holder or votive cup on something. The candle holders that are sold here are tested with our products, you can be assured of quality votive holders and tea light holders. Votive cups are made for votive candles, not tea light candles.

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colored votive cups

Colored Glass Votive Cups

An inexpensive votive cup, our colored candle holders, glass votive cups. In stock and ready for immediate shipments, from left to right: Pink votive cup, Amber-Orange votive cup, Lavender-Purple votive cup, Ruby-Red votive cup, Aqua-Blue votive cup, and Clear glass. Quantity discounts available, the more you purchase the more you save. Votive cups as low as $1.63 each! Thick quality glass, tight fit for votive candles, specially color dipped in 5 fashionable colors plus clear. Please don’t burn tea light candles inside votive cups. Color will fade after time, carefully hand wash to help preserve the color, do not put in dishwasher.

red votive holderamber votive holderclear votive holderpurple , amethyst votive holderDark blur votive holdergreen votive holder

Premium Glass Votive Cups
 Discounts on bulk purchase votive cups
Absolutely the best holder for votives, tight-fitting votive cups. Color will not fade, scratch off or wash off.
Thick walled, quality glass votive cups, guaranteed our votives will burn completely down if you use a tight-fitting votive cup. 
Amber, Clear, Amethyst , Red, Cobalt Blue, Green, Dark Purple.
Measurements taken with a micrometer: overall height 2.45”, 2.20” top diameter outside dimenstion, 1.82” bottom diameter outside dimension, 2.174 inside height and 0.164 thick.

Colored glass candle holders
Amber colored votive cups, purple colored votive holders, red votive cups, blue votive glass, green votive holders! For  discounts on large quantities (over 48 pieces) volume discount click here!

use caution burning tea light candles inside votive cups.



Bulk buy candle holders, wholesale prices on large quantities. We are the number one source for event planners!

Event candle holders designed for the budget minded party planer

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mosaic votive holder

Glass Panel Flower Votive Holder

Beautiful stained glass look glows magnificently with a votive candle burning inside. Can also be used as a tealight holder if the glass votive cup is removed (holder includes a glass votive cup). Deep rich shades of purple, blue, green, and pink.



hobnail glass votive 

Hobnail Glass Votive Cup & Holder

Old-fashioned hobnail glass votive cup and black metal “candle-stick” style holder. This is a perfect holder for votive candles, the candle fits snugly inside of the cup and the metal holder helps protect surfaces from heat. Available in sea green, clear, and cobalt blue.


What a great table center piece
Get two for your end tables
Several colors to choose from.
Holder has black metal frame

Amber - Purple - Green - Clear
Arch or Tiered

 Votive or Tealight Holder



Dark Purple - Green - Spanish Green
Top Hat style votive holder Stand alone or fit in many hanging style candle holders.

High quality thick glass made in America color will never fade or chip off.


Amber colored votive cups, purple colored votive holders, red votive cups, blue votive glass, green votive candleholders! discounts on large quantities (over 48 pieces)

american made using american products

Made in America

Triple scented candles hand poured in Morrison, IL., on U.S. Route 30 (Historic Lincoln Way).
100% American made. Some imported candles may have lead wicks which are not safe. Be sure to request candles made in the U.S.A.

10% discount for orders shipping to APO/FPO

10% off for APO/FPO
(we will automatically deduct B4  order ships)

Candle holders for stick candle holders. Candle cups that fit snuggley inside of taper candle holders, or dinner candle holders. Nubs that stick out of the bottom of the cup have a rubber band gasket to make them fit tightly inside the small opening.

Tired of taper candles that drip? Peg light votive holders are the perfect solution. These fit perfectly in most taper candles holders (stick candles) because of the rubber fitting. Start burning votives instead of tapers, plus tapers have no aroma, our votives do!

Peg lites, peg light candle holder, taper stick candle holder, each one includes the rubber fitting (gasket). Our votive candles burn absolutely perfectly in these! Gasket replacements are also available!

 Rubberband like gaskets or grommets for peg holders. Rubber replacement piece for glass peg lites.

Glass Candle Holders, premium heat resistant glass votive cups and tea light holders. Not all glass candle holders are heat resistant, ours are!

Replacement dish for oil warmers, oil diffusers, tart melter, tart burners, simmer pots, we have them for only $4.25 each. These are heat-resistant made from tempered glass.

New candle lamps, great for table decorations, mantels, and these will also make beautiful wedding table centerpieces. All are lovely pastel colors, and wonderfully transparent to allow all the light from the candle to really gleam!

We offer a discounted price when ordering 10 or more.

votive holder peg lights

Peg Lights (peg lite votives)
Start burning votives in your taper or stick andle holders by using these pegged votive cups. Peg light votive holders are made to fit perfectly in any standard size taper candle stick holder. Don’t be fooled by cheap “shapely” thin glass peg lights. These are the highest quality, thickest glass available for peg lights. Plus votives fit snug in these, better fit better burn. These are ribbed glass on the outside and smooth glass finish inside the cup.

Peg lites available in colors too!

Peg Light Votive Holder (peg lite with rubber piece)

Church candle holders, candle holder stem

rubberband or rubber pieces for peglites

Rubber Peg Gaskets
Replacement rubber gaskets or rubber band grommets for peg light holders. This is the piece that stretches over the glass shank or “nub” that sticks out of the bottom of the candle holder. This piece helps the glass peg light fit snugly inside the taper candle holder. Inside dimension across is 11/16ths of an inch, thickness of the rubber is 1/16th of an inch, and 1/2” tall. Quantity discounts apply.

Replacement Rubber Fitting for Peg Votive Holders

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replacement peg candle holders

Colored Glass Peg Votive Holders

These colored glass replacement peg candle holders are the same high quality thick glass like the premium votive glasses. Color will not fade, scratch off or peel. Colors from left to right: Red, Green, Light Blue, Amber, Cobalt blue. Includes the rubber fitting. These have a smooth glass finish inside and out.


Bell Shaped Candle Holder
Replacement candle holders for chandeliers and metal holders that have hanging glass holders.

Bell Candle Holder:
Two Styles To Choose From

votive cups, votive holders, dish for tart burner

Replacement dish for tart burners, oil diffusers, potpourri warmers, simmer pots.
4 3/4” wide across the center. The replacement dishes for tart burners fit most similarly styled tart burners, oil warmers, oil diffusers that accommodate a glass dish.
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Now available in colors
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Crystal candle holder for weddings

Absolutely stunning German crystal Two Sizes $7.95 small $9.95 Large candle holder, these holders are truley gorgeous. These are perfect for your votive or tea light candles, allowing the glow of the flame to shine through beautifully. Two holders in one flip it over and it is a pedestal style T-light holder Supreme quality, these are hand made in Germany. 

frosted hanging votive holder
Click pictures for a larger view.

 Color frosted votive holder $2.50
For your sconces and hanging votive holders. Cups will work in many style hanging votive holders or is stand alone with no holder.

Dimensions 2-5/16 Tall, Width at top is 2-1/2, Inside width 2”, Cup is flanged ?” for hanging.
Coloring is sprayed on frost finish




       arch votive holders

What a great table center piece for your wedding reception or special event

Arch Candle Holder
Staggered Candle Holder
Tiered Candle Holder

yellow candle lamp

Pewter fairy votive holder $9.95
Comes with frosted votive cup stands 4” tall and 4” wide from tip of wings.
A wonderful addition to any fairy


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