Votive Candle - Moms Hot Apple Pie  3 Pack

    Votive Candle - Moms Hot Apple Pie 3 Pack

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    Fall in love with this because...

    ...these richly scented Moms Hot Apple Pie Votive Candles are the best that your hard-earned money can buy. Our best seller and considered the workhorse of our candle lineup, our votives can rival other companies' jar candles.

    • Triple-scented with enough aroma to scent an entire room
    • Cotton core wicks for a clean consistent burn of 12-14 hours
    • Handcrafted by an experienced chandler
    • Completely liquefies in proper-fitting votive cup
    • Rigorously tested to ensure a clean, quality scent when burning

    Tips: Capture the flicker and reflection of the flame from your candle by using tall votive cups or placing the standard votive holder in a larger, taller container.

    Use only votive holders having no more than 1/4" open space with the candle in the cup. This will extend the burn time, give you the maximum amount of scent throw, and ensure all wax is consumed.

    Remember proper wick trimming is critical to candle performance. Tall flames, melt pools deeper than 1/2", or little puffs of smoke from a candle are all signs that the wick needs trimming. Likewise a low flame or no melt pool are all signs of over-trimming.

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