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Wax Melts, Scented Tarts, we call them Melting Hearts™

Wax potpourri is warmed (melted) in a tart burner and “ours” will scent your entire home. Scented wax chips are sometimes referred to as wax melts, wax candle tarts, scent chips, candle melts, candle tarts, wax tarts, wax potpourri melts, among other creative names. Basically it is scented wax and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t be fooled by imitation hearts, or larger flower-shaped tarts sold elsewhere. Heart for heart and pound for pound, ours are the best deal. We give you 40 wax melts in each bag, sachet bag included! These melts are for our most discerning customers who want the very best, decadently strong aroma.

Tarts -- a registered trademark of Yankee Candle Co., and we are not affliated with the Yankee Candle Co.

Wax chips get heated, melt, and fill the room with aroma. The wax does not burn away because there is no wick. When the aroma is gone, it’s time to add more -  toss out the old wax and add more Melting Hearts.. You’ll get 4-7 hrs of aroma from 5 hearts, depending on the tart warmer used. Each heart is about the size of a nickle.

tarts, wax potpourri, scented wax chipsMelting Hearts™

Our Melting HeartsTM are wax potpourri, sometimes referred to as tarts, melts, or scent chips. Each bag contains at least 40 highly scented wax hearts (each heart is about the size of a nickel). Place 4-5 hearts in the top of a tart melter or potpourri burner, (powered by a tealight candle) and fill a large area with scent amazingly fast. Works in electric melters too! A great feature of our melts is that you can customize the amount of scent needed for a room, or the whole house. For example 3 hearts melting in the bathroom will be plenty, while you may want 5 hearts for a kitchen or living room, add more or less to suit your taste for aroma.

These tarts are packaged aprox 40 pcs in muslin cloth bags, the rich aroma comes through the bag as a sachet. Place the closed bag in a dresser drawer and liven up the “lingerie” or in the linen closet between the towels. Do not add water to the potpourri burner when using scented wax potpourri. Wax and water do not mix well, the melting wax will crackle and pop if water is added.

Check out our large selection of unique tart burners. Not all tart burners are created equal. Some have the heat source too close to the wax tarts and they burn up too quickly and you’ll smell burnt wax. Others have the flame too far away and the wax doesn’t heat up enough. If it is a tea light tart warmer, make sure the flame from the tea light is at least 2”-3” from the underside of the dish, and not more than 5”. Candlelicious also sells electric tart burners. When using electric tart burners never put more than a 25 watt bulb inside, or the wax scent may burn up too quickly.

Bulk Wax Melts Available by Popular Request:

Buy your favorite Melting HeartsTM in bulk! Bulk buy scented tarts or wax chips. No frills, no cloth bag, no instructions, one fragrance per zip lock bag -- full of triple-scented candle melts. Save big on your favorite scents! If you typically buy 3 to 4 bags of the same scent, this deal is for you!

Our Melting HeartsTM are heart-shaped triple-scented wax pieces, each heart is about the size of a nickle.There are anywhere from 165-180 hearts in a three-quarter pound bag. It’s like getting a whole bag+ for free. Expect a few broken hearts or heart pieces.

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Try our 1/3 pound Wax Cube Melts
The package contains 12 extra large scented wax melting cubes

Perfect to using in any design of wax tart or oil warmer.

These melt cube are made from the same formula that we use in our melting hearts and they are packed with fragrance!

Just one scented melt cube will put out an amazing amount of aroma

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A Safety Note:

Many tart burners, simmer pots, potpourri burners on the market are not suitable for their intended use, in our humble opinion. Make sure the tea light candle is a good distance “away” from the underside of the burner where the wax is. From what we’ve seen, there are many that have the tea light candle too close. This will cause the wax to get too hot, the burner will get super hot, and the aroma will burn away very quickly.

We like the tea light candle to be around 3-5” from the underside of the tart burner. We have tested every tart burner that we sell.

Some people use the tart warmers as scented oil diffusers. Used in this manner, with scented oils, there always must be water added to the oil in the dish. The water evaporates and if more water is not added, the glass dish may crack. Use wax melts instead of oil, there is no water added and no worry, plus it scents the home as well or better.

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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”