T Candles that are highly fragrant, and guaranteed.




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Wedding Candles

  • Long burning unscent tealights in clear cups.
  • Unscented tea lights to match your wedding colors.
  • T candles that last all the way through your reception!

  • Scented Tea Light Candles, Tea Candles, and T Lights

    Scented tealights - T Candles - that are well worth your attention. When quality is your absolute priority, choose tea light candles that will actually fill a room with aroma. Our customers rave about our tealights, how such small candles can give off so much aroma and burn longer than the rest. Tea light candles that will scent an entire room. Each batch is mixed by hand, colored to perfection, triple-scented, poured one candle at a time, wicked one at a time, test burned and then packaged and labeled with its scent name and burn instructions. Our clear cup or acrylic cup tea candles should be test burned in a small room of your home first, to determine the aroma to room size ratio. You’ll find that they are far more fragrant than any other tea candles you’ve tried.

    Yes, a couple of T lights will scent a small-average size room, we guarantee it! A bold claim, one we know to be true. Try just one in your bathroom, and smell the quality of Candle-licious T-Lights.

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    Our triple-scented tealight candles will fill a room with fragrance, guaranteed. Beautifully clear plastic cups allow the rich color to show through. Long-burning tealights, most burn over 5 hours each and these are poured with the same triple-scented wax blend that our votive candles are known for. These powerful little tealight candles pack a punch. Tea light candles are offered in packs of four (same scent), packs of 12 (same scent) and a trial pack of four - you choose your own scents.   Also check out our tealight holders.

    T Candle Trial Packs

    Try any four (4) fragrances and create your own tealight trial pack! Pick any four scents and smell the fragrances before you buy the larger candles. This is a wonderful way to try new scents, smell fragrances you are curious about, or to just to see how really good our tealight candles are.

    If you’re trying our candles for the first time, these are scents
    we highly recommend:
    Caramel Apple, Baked Apple Strudel, Fresh Linen, Gardenia, Honey Dew This, Rain, Sun-Ripened Raspeberry, Sugar Plum Berries. You just can’t go wrong with these fragrances, they are our favorites, and they are best-sellers!

    With all tea light candles, remember to trim the wick when needed. If the candle’s flame gets too tall the candle will burn up more quickly and not last as long. Your candle will burn up to 25% longer by trimming the wick.  Always make sure the wick is right in the center of the candle.

    Floater Tealights
    Our tealights also float!

    Metal Cup T-Candles
    Unscented tea light candles in aluminum cups are perfect for use with tart burners, oil diffusers, and tea light lamps. There are 12 in each box and these burn for over 4 hours each.

    Bulk Buy T Lights, Wholesale Prices on Aluminum Cup Metal Cup Tea Lights
    As low as $2.09 per box of 12!

    Quick glance at some of our Tealight Candle Holders

    dual holder for tealights and votives

    glass heart t candle holder


    tea candles

    Buy Scented Tea Light Candles Online Now!

    Tealight candles that really do smell good when you burn them. Most tealight candles do not smell after they are lit, or they certainly don’t give off enough aroma for people to consider them over jar candles. Our tea candles are not your average scented tealights. For such a small candle, these candles pack a punch! Try them in your bathroom and bedroom, and you’ll notice the aroma. Just a couple tealights in a larger room will amaze you. We have customers who burn just one tea candle for their entire apartment, and the whole place smells wonderful!

    Tea light candles are small candles that come inside either a plastic/acrylic cup or a tin/metal cup. Tealights are usually lit and left burn from start to finish, with little maintenance.

    The world’s LONGEST burning unscented white tea light candle!

    Are you tired of the cheap tea lights that only burn 2-3 hours each? Are you sick of buying a bulk bag of tea light candles and end up throwing some away because they won’t light or won’t stay lit?

    We produce a high quality T candle that will last all the way through a dinner party. A tealight that will last the whole length of an average wedding reception. We make the world’s longest burning tea light candle, currently averaging about 6.5 hours burn time with a steady bright flame. Wow! A tealight candle that burns well over 6 hours, incredible! .
    6 to 7 hour unscented tea candle

    Custom Color Unscented T Candles

    Custom Color Candles

    Clear cup tealights can be made in custom colors too (unscented) There is a Minimum 35 tea lights per color request. Our custom color tea candles burn at least 5 hours! We need a color swatch, PMS color number or html/hexidecimal color code. Alow 7-10 Day shipping on custom coloring

    Battery Power T Candles

    LED tea brights, battery powered tea light candles. White and Black

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    “Many candles can be kindled from one candle without diminishing it.”

      The Midrash

    Important Burning Information

    Do not burn tea lights inside glass votive cups.

    Do not use plastic cup tealights inside any ceramic tealight houses or tealight lanterns.

    Made in America
    american made using american products
    Triple scented candles hand poured in Morrison, IL., on U.S. Route 30 (Historic Lincoln Hwy).
    100% American made. Some imported candles may have lead wicks which are not safe. Be sure to request candles made in the U.S.A.
    Morrison Illinois, Whiteside County