Tart burner safety information, a must read




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Never add water in the tart melter with wax chips. Water could cause the hot wax to sputter and pop. Only use water if you use the warmer with fragrance oils or potpourri.


When using a tart burner for scented oils (fragrance oils or essential oils), as an oil diffuser, always add water, and add water frequently as it evaporates.



All wax warmers get very hot during use.


Tart burners are also great if you?ve had some scented candles of lesser quality that had wax leftover. Just freeze it, chunk out the leftover wax and drop it in your tart burner or potpourri burner.  No more waste!

Tart Burners, Tart Melters, Potpourri Burners, Simmer Pots, Oil Diffusers, Wax Warmers and Replacement Glass Dishes

Tart burners scent your home amazingly fast with our Melting Hearts™. Tart burners, sometimes referred to as tart melters, tart warmers, tart burners, oil diffusers, oil warmers, potpourri burners, potpourri warmers, wax melters, melt warmer, melting pots, or simmer pots are a wonderful addition to any candle-users collection. They heat the wax to release the aroma, infusing your home almost instantly. In addition to burning candles, or as an alternative to burning candles, these tart burners or simmer pots are a must. There are 2 types of tart burners or tart melters. One uses a tealight candle to warm the wax chips up above it and the other simmer pot style is an electric tart burner. Some electric tart burners use light bulbs and other have hot plates to heat the scented tarts or wax chips.

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willow pattern wax warmer

 Warmer Starter Set
Our new starter set includes one ceramic tealight power tart warmer and a regular size bag of our Melting Hearts (40 heart-shaped candle melts). Choose from 2 Styles, blue or brown, for your tart burner. Then choose your favorite fragrance from our growing list of candle scents.

Psalm 91:4 verse tart warmer

Hebrews 13:2 wax tart burner

He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge." Psalm 91:4
Stunning porcelain wax warmers handpainted with inspirational bible verse. For use with wax tarts or scented oils.
 (also part of a larger 5 piece set, see gift sets)
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2



oil diffuser

Fruit Bowl Tart Warmer This fun fruit filled tart melter designed by Debbie Mumm is sure to delight everyone. A perfect addition to any kitchen
just add candle-licious scented hearts use a metal cup tealight and you?re ready for your aroma filled day

girly girl tart burner

Lighthouse Tart Burner Ceramic tea cup tart burner features a lighthouse and uses a metal cup tea light with scented wax chips to add aroma to your home


wax warmer

Cardinal tart melter is just the thing for every bird lover.
Add a few melting hearts a metal cup tealight, sit back and dream of springtime $14.00


Birdhouse wax warmer

Ivy Birdhouse Wax Warmer
One-piece ceramic tart melter in a birdhouse design laced in green ivy. Scent your entire home, don?t forget our Melting HeartsTM which are the strongest wax melts available. Use metal cup tealight candles for this enclosed-style tart warmer. Gift boxed.

tea cup tart melter

Dragon tart melter
also works well with scented oils. Picture doesn?t show all the detail of this fine piece.
Three dragons stand guard another wraps around top holding dish, has a removable wire mesh insert.
heavy piece 5? tall 5? around made from poly resin


watering can aroma infuser

Gardner?s Watering Can Tart Warmer
Beautiful stoneware tart warmer features loads of flowers on the top removable lid and an array of gardener?s tools around the middle. Superior quality and detail, part of the Debbie Mumm collection, beautifully gift boxed.

tulip tart melter

Horse  Wax Warmer
Pewter horse tart warmer, a lot of detail on this piece.
Standing 4? tall and 3-3/4 wide with a frosted glass back behind the horse, braded pewter rope ring holds the melter dish.
Works well with scented oils or our melting hearts, safe with scented plastic cup tealights

tart burner

Pastel Flowers Watering Can Tart Warmer
Stunning detail, beautifully painted pastel flowers flourish around this stoneware tart melter styled like a country watering can. Delicate handpainted details such as the white picket fence and the dangling yellow flower make this piece truly exceptional, very high quality! Gorgeous gift box.

Lilac tart warmer

Lilac Tart Wamer
Do you love lilacs? This ceramic tart warmer is full of them. Lovely yellow background surrounded in lilacs with a decorative green twist border. Don?t forget the Melting Hearts! Gift box.

tea cup aroma diffuser

Garden Tea Tart Warmer Cup
An eye-catching beauty from designer Diane Knott, this ceramic cup tart warmer is surrounded in flowers and shouts Spring and shouts Summer! This is also a perfect match to our Garden Tea electric simmer pot. Gift box.

glass tart melter

Pewter CrossTart Melter
Three Pewter crosses with lavender color stones hold the glass dish;
ideal for our melting hearts or scented oils

black cherubs tart melter

Chrome Triangle Warmer
Simple chrome metal triangle with blue dish for oil or tart warming.
What a great gift or an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the fragrant world of warming oils or tarts.

see no evial hear no evil speak no evil

Chrome Heart Oil Or Tart Warmer
What a great Valentines Day gift you or your loved ones will enjoy this eye catching heart shape tealight wax / oil warmer


egyptian tart melter

Dolphin lovers an oil warmer just for you!
Three glass panels with etched dolphins, very nice piece.

Available in Smoke Black Glass or Green Glass


Ents tree oil diffuser

Clear glass tart burner
Has class with beautiful functionality. Scent your entire home in style, use with wax melts, potpourri, or oils. Absolutely stunning when our acrylic cup tealights are used on the bottom and matching melts on top. Also great for oils


Dragon oil lamp

Old Glory.
Stars and stripes adorn this patriotic tart warmer Red white & Blue

white tart warmer oil diffuser

Butterfly Lily Oil/Tart Warmer
Simple design, appealing neutral color, this is the perfect oil warmer or tart warmer. Its simple one-piece design is easy to use and the nuetral eggshell color will fit in most anywhere. Purchase aluminum cup tealights and Melting Heart tarts to complete this as a working unit.

earthtone tart burner

Earthtones Tart Burner
Gorgeous natural earthy colors make this traditional wax warmer appealing plus its one-piece design is simple and easy-to-use.  Don?t let the low price fool you, these are very high quality, have large vent holes, and are an exceptional value. Use unscented metal cup tea candles and our Melting Hearts on top to scent your home in an instant.

aroma oil burner dish, replacement dish

Glass Replacement Dishes for Tart Melters $4.25
Accidents happen, in the event you break a dish, you can get a replacement glass dish for your tart burner. This ensures many years life from your tart burner. Glass tart burner dish
The replacement dishes for tart burners fits most tart burners, oil warmers, oil diffusers that accommodate a glass dish. To order online click here.

wax melter

Snowman Wax Melter Snowman tart burner. This wax warmer is a very high quality piece and is larger than it looks from the picture. It is hand painted ceramic, gift boxed and perfect for this holiday season.





wax warmer

Christmas Stocking Wax Warmer Cute little Christmas stocking tart warmer.  What a great stocking stuffer  :)

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Candles and Candle Melts

Made in America

american made using american products

Triple scented candles hand poured in Morrison, IL., on U.S. Route 30 (Historic Lincoln Hwy).
100% American made. Some imported candles may have lead wicks which are not safe. Be sure to request candles made in the U.S.A.

Morrison Illinois, Whiteside County


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Do not be fooled by cheap tart burners. Many that are on the market are designed incorrectly. Click for an important safety note!


Most items are shown with tarts (Melting Hearts™) and tea light candles which are sold separately.

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An Important Safety Note About Tart Warmers:

Many tart warmers on the market are not suitable for their intended use, in our humble opinion. From what we?ve tried and tested, there are many that have the tea light candle too close to the underside of the burner where the wax is and/or not enough vent holes. This will cause the wax to get too hot, the scent will burn away too quickly, and the burner will get super hot and could crack. We like the tea light candle to be around 3?- 5? from the wax melts.

Some less expensive tart burners do not have vent holes in them at all or not enough vent holes to allow the heat to escape properly. Below are some types of tart melters that we feel are unsafe and noted reasons why we think they are no good. Note, this is only our opinion, however our opinion is based on years of experience!

Tealight too close to the underside of the dish!

tart burners that are not recommended

Bad: No vent holes!

unsafe tart burners

No vent holes! Not Safe.

candle safety
tart warmers that are no good

Bad: No vent holes!

tart warmer hole too small

Bad: Not enough vent holes, and vent hole too small!

We have tested every tart burner that we sell. Never use anything bigger than a tea light candle (do not use a votive for your tart burner). Always use metal cup tea lights in the ?enclosed? style tart melters.

?It is not necessary to blow our your neighbor?s candle to let your own light shine.?

    M. R. Dehaan