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Candle Fragrances & Scent Descriptions

 This symbol denotes our personal favorites and best selling scents.

amber and sandalwood candles

apple pie candles

butter cookie candles

? / reflex_safak

Amber Sandelwood

Striking wood base notes, sandalwood is considered an alternative medicine to relieve stress and bring one closer with the divine. Great for meditation or relaxation during the quiet moments of our lives.


? / VanillaGirl

Baked Apple Strudel

In Vienna, this traditional dessert is baked with tender puff pastry dough and delicious Austrian apples, served with cinnamon ice cream on top, you must try this one! (Light brown)

? / pz.axe

Butter Cookie

Just like the taste you remember. Recall the Salerno butter cookie, placed on the pinkie finger, nibbled around in a circle until gone! (Light buttery yellow)

Citrus Scented Candles

cinnamon scented candles

coconut scent candle

? / Dionisvera

Citrus Zest

This unique combination of orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin infiltrates the air around you and allows you to feel rejuvenated . The mix of sweet and tart awakens the senses and fills you with a general sense of mental clarity and good health

? / larsvegas1982

Cinnamon Spice

Blending rich cinnamon with just a touch of nutmeg and clove, pleases anyone who loves true cinnamon, not the sweet candy type. (Red)

? / yekophotostudio

Coconut Smoothie

Totally coconut and totally yummy. When I first smelled this I thought of cheesecake, and then cotton candy, and then the coconut set it and it was like coconut cream pie, but with more coconut. This is strong, and very delicious! (White)

Dragons Blood Candles

Baby powder candles

fresh clean laundry clean cotton

? / znm666

Dragons Blood

Exotic mysterious come to mind when describing this extremely sophisticated and very complex blend.  touches of amber, cedar wood hint of patchouli combines sweet and spicy notes. If you are a fan of the more sensual scents such as amber, myrrh, sandalwood or Nag Champa, you'll go wild for Dragons Blood!

? / silrobyx

Dream Powder

(Baby Powder Scented Candles)

A soft baby powder scented candle. Smells just like Johnson & Johnson baby powder! (Pink or blue, Melting Hearts™ usually come mixed pink and blue)

? / Annems

 Fresh Linen

(April Fresh Downey Candles)  

The smell of fresh clean laundry that was washed with a hint of fabric softener and then dried on the clothesline one sunny afternoon. (Ivory to pale yellow)

Pumpkin candle

gardenia candles

ocean scented candles

? / sky_dream

Frosted Pumpkin Bars

Absolutely the yummiest scent we make! Your mouth will water as you take in all the spices of the pumpkin bar and sweetness of the cream cheese frosting. Very close to a carrot cake, only with pumpkin!

? / anankkml


Arguably the most fragrant shrub flowering in the garden. Being so tricky to grow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the gardenia’s sweet powerful aroma wafting through your home, anytime you like? (White)

? / GNBDesigns

High Tide

Remember walking along the shore on the oceanfront? The salty sea air and pounding waves are wrapped up to create a true ocean mist “scentsation.” (Light teal)

honey dew candles

key lime citrus candles

lavender candles

? / dmbaker

Honey Dew This  

Fresh and ripe, honey dew melon at its finest. Awesomely close to the real thing. (Light green)

? / Olyina

Key Lime

The juicy tart aroma of real key limes with just a touch of sweetness. (Light lime green)

? / casaalmare


A truly aromatic lavender, captivating yet soothing and relaxing. Reminiscent of days past. Indulge yourself and be swept away as you drift off to some pleasant land far, far away. (Light purple/Lavender)

candles that smell like leather

lilac candle

lily of the valley scent

? / kocetoilief

Leather Store

(Leather scented candles)

Just like walking into that famous leather store in the mall, or walking into your favorite Harley shop with all the leather accessories, yes, it’s that good! We could have named this scent “new luxury car” or “saddle shop” because they all fit this “true” leather scent. Sexy and bold! (Tan)

? / InvisibleViva


Spring is year round with this absolutely true lilac fragrnce. Imagine having a huge purple bush blooming right inside your home. A best seller! (Purple/Lilac)

? / DLeonis

Lily of the Valley

A true white beauty, light and floral, perfectly blended, and one of our all-time best sellers. (White) 

merlot wine candles

Apple pie scent candle

Black Pepper Scented Candle

? / robynmac


A robust bouquet of select cranberries. Very fragrant and the perfect amount of mouth-watering tartness. (Ruby/Red wine)

? / mcgphoto

Mom’s Apple Pie

  Rich in aroma, apples and cinnamon, we could have easily called his one apple cider as well. Remember the smell as you walked by the kitchen just after mom pulled the apple pie out of the oven? This is it! (Golden tan)

? / wikki33

Black Pepper

A sultry blend of soothing amber to warm the senses and just the right jolt of black peppercorn to awaken your curiosity. (orange flower, cinnamon bark, clove, nutmeg, white jasmine, pine, amber crystals , cinnamon spice, vanilla absolute, oak wood, musk)

odor eliminator candle scent

Oatmeal Cookie scented candles


? / Taden1

Odor Eliminator

Cool and refreshing! A fresh, clean aroma, the smell of the great outdoors brought inside. Wonderful green notes with a bold finish.(White)

? / varbenov1

Oatmeal Cookie

   Mouth-watering from the moment you smell it. Sit back and enjoy this one, all the pleasure with no guilt. (Darker Ivory)

? / photodesign


(Creamsicle Candles)

Creamy rich vanilla ice cream topped with orange sherbet, remember the Dreamsicle? (Orange)

pine candles

peanut butter scent

peppermint candle

? / almagami

O Christmas Tree

Sweet fragrant balsam and aromatic douglas fir combine to bring you the perfect scent for Christmas. (Dk. green)

? / urban_light

Peanut Butter Cup

Rich milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter come together for an incredibly yummy candle, not recommended by Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers! (Brown)

? / VIPDesignUSA

Peppermint Candles

Nostrils look out, this is the granddaddy of all peppermints, cool and crisp with just a slight touch of sweetness. (White)

Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candles

plumeria hawaii flower candle

Black Coffee Scent

? / urbanangel

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Full of romance, desire and charm it’s seductive and mysterious inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan A well-rounded blend of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Butterfly Lily, Kyoto Rose, Mimosa Petals, Vanilla Rice, Imperial Amber, Silk Musk, Cedarwood and Creamy Sandalwood, Asian Pear, Fuji Apple .

? / jumpe


This fragrance will take you back to the islands of Hawaii where the plumeria flower is grown and used in the traditional lei necklace. (Purplish pink)

? / luiscar

Black Coffee

Fresh brewed black coffee Have the scent of fresh coffee without turning on the coffee pot, great for those who love the smell of coffee but not the taste

rain fresh clean candles

rose scent candle

sea breeze candles

? / carlodapino


Wonderfully clean and fresh, a robust breezy bouquet soothing to the senses.  (Light country blue)

? / Raffalo

Rose Petals

True tea rose, soft and beautiful. (Mauve/Dk Pink)

sex on the beach candles

cinnamon buns scent

strawberry candles

? / ivonnewierink

Sex on the Beach

Make summer last a little longer with this wonderfully fragrant blend of melons and peaches and base notes of ripe watermelon. (Coral/Mango)

? / rojoimages


(Cinnamon Buns Candles)

Warm cinnamon rolls right from the oven, you can even smell the frosting drizzled over the top. (Reddish brown)

? / Scruggelgreen

Strawberry Daiquiri

You will have to stop yourself from drinking the candle! A sensory delight even beyond our expectations, true strawberry not too sweet, just perfect and very strong. ( Red)

raspberry scent

sugar plum candles

macintosh apple candle

? / aguirre_mar

Sun-Ripened Raspberry

Sun-ripened raspberries picked at the peak of flavor. (Berry/Ruby)

? / ajafoto

Sugared Plums

A deliciously sweet berry scent you’ll want to smell all year long, not just for winter! This fragrance starts out with a wonderfully strong note of berries and tops off with a buttery sweet “berry pie” aroma. (Deep purple)

? / velkol

Vermont Apple

  (Macintosh Apple scented candles at their finest)

Juicy, sweet, and tart all at the same time. This is truly the pick of the crop, the very best macintosh apple fragrance we have found. If you hold this candle in your hand and smell it, you will certainly want to take a bite, it smells THAT GOOD. This is a fall best-seller. (Red)

vanilla candles

cranberry votive candles

cucumber and melon candle

? / Amaviael

Very Vanilla  

This is the vanilla you’ve been waiting for! A true “baking” vanilla aroma, no candied coverup, just pure unadultered vanilla. (Creamy yellow)

? / kromeshnik


Bursting with the vibrant sensation of tangy cranberries (Red)

? / natika

Cucumber Melon

Totally crisp and yummy. A delightful sweet smelling fragrance. A combination of cool cucumber with sweet melon. (Green)

hinoki scented candles garden scented candle

fruit candle

Hinoki Wood

Two strong properties found in Hinoki have a relaxing and decongestant effect and are excellent for stuffy noses, sinus congestion, chest congestion, respiratory conditions, and breathing problems like asthma as well as relief of tension

? / mahout

English Garden

Simply refreshing with hints of fresh floral; Sweet William, Delphinium, Fox gloves, Geraniums, Forget-Me Not, Lavender Hollyhocks, Violas and Sweet Peas all perfectly blended to fill your room with the pleasant smelling aromas of an English garden (Soft Green)


Juicy Fruit

A delightful blend of watermelon, peaches, strawberries kiwi and other delicious fruits make this a mouth watering experience (Salmon)

hot apple cider candle Moroccan Spice candles Sangria candle

Hot Apple Cider

delicious blend of apple cider, nutmeg, allspice , cinnamon and cloves. Perfect on a cold winter day!.” (Light brown)

? / M_Prusaczyk

Moroccan Spice

A spice medley of coriander, cinnamon, clove, ginger with middle notes of geranium, vetiver, balsam and amber base notes are of patchouli and musk, earthy scent lovers this is for you. The newest in our hand poured Life Stone Aromas line of fragrances

The newest in our hand poured Life Stone Aromas line of fragrances

Only available in Life Stone Aroma candles

Chilled Sangria

Inspired by the traditional red-wine Sangria, our Fruity Sangria is loaded with fresh fragrances beginning with Red & Black Cherry a hint of Orange, Lemon, white Grape, Crisp Apples very refreshing and pleasing to the scenes (Deep Red)
Tropical Orange scented candle
Guava candle
Pina Colada candle
Tropical Orange Blossom 

Like stepping in to an orange grove a true fresh clean orange scent with a hint of floral orange blossoms. (rich orange)
Papaya Guava Nectar 

What a Juicy and tropical blend of Papaya and Guava it will sweep you away to exotic places.
Truly mouth watering ( Coral )
Pina Colada

Just like that chilly blended all inclusive frosty Pina Colada served to you on your last vacation…
one two three whe, whee, wheeee! (snow white )
BBW scented candles
Twilight Musk scent candles
musk scent candles
Pecan Waffle
Limited Edition

An abundance of toasted pecan with under tones of maple syrup, brown sugar with a hint of waffle batter. Sure to be a new favorite.

Reminiscent of the popular BBW candle Pumpkin Pecan Waffle

Avalable only in

Cubes - Tealights -LE Jar

Twilight in the Woods
Limited Edition

Gentle masculine fragrance that wisps of Jungle Moss, Patchouli Leaf and White Musk Top Notes:  Mandarin Balm, Tangelo, Eucalyptus Middle Notes:  Jungle Moss, Patchouli Leaf Base Notes:  Red Wood, Amber Glow, Musk

Avalable only in

Cubes - Tealights -LE Jar

Mayan Musk
Limited Edition

warm blend of woods and musk to create this sensual fragrance. Hints of rose are balanced with patchouli, cedar wood and sandalwood for warmth. A highly textured blend of musk with sweetened  hints of vanilla

Avalable only in

Cubes - Tealights -LE Jar

crackling fire scent candle
Balsem cedar candle New scents
Crackling Fire
Limited Edition

begins with top notes of herbaceous pine, balsam, and citrus bergamot; leading to middle notes of white flowers and earthy sandalwood; sitting on base notes of woodsy patchouli and violet. 

Avalable only in
Cubes - Tealights - LE Jar
Balsem Cedar
Limited Edition

Woodsy blend of pine, eucalyptus, Cedarwood; finished with sweet balsam.  This fragrance is composed of top notes of orange, raspberry, and plum; middle notes of lily, carnation, and hyacinth; base notes of balsam, pine, eucalyptus, and Cedarwood.

Avalable only in
Cubes - Tealights - LE Jar

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Important Color Information
Please note that it is impossible to accurately display the colors of our candles on your monitor. The hardware and software settings vary from computer to computer, and can dramatically affect the appearance of the colors. You should not use these for making a decision where color matching is important!

Made in America
american made using american products
Triple scented candles hand poured in Morrison, IL., on U.S. Route 30 (Historic Lincoln Hwy).
100% American made. Some imported candles may have lead wicks which are not safe. Be sure to request candles made in the U.S.A.
Morrison Illinois, Whiteside County


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patchouli candles

eucalyptus warming oils

grapefruit essential heating oils

? / tomeks89

Patchouli Essential Oil
A very earthy scent popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the hippie crowd Patchouli is a memorable aroma to everyone. Soothing and relaxing giving you a happy uplifted feeling. Other known benefits are Anti depressant, anti emetic, anti-infectious, anti microbial, anti toxic, decongestant and deodorizer

Only Available In Essential Oils


? / robynmac

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Well know as a cold and flu prevention and treatment, it’s a must for every aromatherapy kit. Regenerative effect on bronchial tissue and lungs. Helps to clear sinuses, Uplifting and energetic scent.

Only Available In Essential Oils


? / karelind

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Euphoric and cleansing, great for refreshing your environment; pleasing to everyone. Other benefits, antiseptic (especially airborne), anti toxic, astringent also fight bacterial growth.

Only Available In Essential Oils


 Essential Lavender Oil



? / casaalmar


Lavender Essential Oil

 Lavender oil is said to soothe headaches, Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation. Wonderful classic blend of aromatic lavenders. This magnificent bouquet contains Italian, Bulgarian and French lavenders

? / saiko3p

Spearmint oil

Spearmint oilis aromatic oil extracted from the spearmint plant. Aromatherapy practitioners also use spearmint oil in their work. It is used to treat headaches, asthma, and fatigue. Spearmint oil is milder than peppermint oil, so it is sometimes recommended for use in children, who tend to be more sensitive to strong flavors and odors.

? / natika

Tangerine essential

oil has the typical citrus scent – fresh, radiant, and tangy sweet. it smells a lot like the Mandarin,  or  In comparison to Sweet Orange, Tangerine can be seen as lighter with more candy-like tones.

 As with any handmade craft, you won’t fine two of our candles that are exactly alike. Color shades will vary from batch to batch, enjoy the uniqueness.

Colors shown should not be used for exact color match.

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