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Fragrance without Flame, Electric Candle Warmers, Warming Plates for Candles

We have a wide variety of ways to scent your home without burning a candle. Although we feel nothing fully replaces the warm glow of candlelight, we full understand there are circumstances when a lit candle is just not practicle.

Wickless jar candles, Jar Candle Warmers, Potpourri, Electric Tart Burners, Aroma Reed Diffusers, Battery Operted Tea Light Candles are all available at great prices right here on our website.

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candle jar warmer

White Clouds Jar Candle Warmer 

The Rolls Royce of jar candle warmers, this solid white warmer has a “soft cloud” type of patern surrounding the warmer and is pictured here next to our jar candle so you can see how big this giant warmer really is. Because of the heating technique, jar candles liquify more quickly than with the regular flat hot plate warmer. The entire inside is finished in a black smooth coating for maximum heat transfer. Features a 24 watt heating element. Jar candle is not included, however we make jar candles that are the best on the marketl

wickless jar warmer

 Taupe Clouds Jar Candle Warmer

Another Rolls Royce class jar candle warmer, with it’s size and quality you won’t find another that is a better class of jar candle warmer. These are completely safe to leave on, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Fits most all sizes of jar candles. This solid taupe (tan) warmer has a “soft cloud” type of patern surrounding the warmer and is pictured here next to our jar candle so you can see how big this giant warmer really is.  Jar candle is not included, however we make jar candles that are the best on the marketl

crock pot for jar candles

Electric Crock Pot for Jar Candles

The newest in our line of high-end electric candle warmers. From the picture see how large the warmer is compared to a 14 oz jar candle. This warmer is a “butter” color.

Candles without wicks, glass jar candles to use on a candle warmer.
wickless candles

Wickless candles for jar warmers, Warming Scents.

candle warmer

Purchase the best candle warming plate on the market for only $9.95.   ** On Sale **

Please see our article below on “Not all jar warmers are created equal” so even if you don’t buy your warmer here, you’ll be better informed to make your purchase no matter where you decide to shop.

Not all jar warmers are created equal!

Below we attempt to explain the differences and educate our readers so they may make an informed purchasing decision. When a person decides to move to a candle warmer, for whatever reason, even though we’d like to see our candles “lit” we understand the need for warmers (we use them too) and we want you to get the best product for your money.

We have tested many jar candle warmers. Much of the satisfaction with how the candle smells using the warmer depends on the quality of the warmer you choose. The cheaper units have very minimal heating elements, not suitable for average (14-16 oz) jar candles. Some are, quite frankly, useless and we can’t figure out why they are on the market. So buyer beware.

Good, Better, Best..... Candle Warmers (flat hot plate warmers)
Or, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

useless jar warmersFirst, let’s start with “below good,” we’ll start with the “Useless” category. Some coffee mug or beverage warmers are sold also as candle warmers. Most likely the seller is not a candle maker. Or they never really tried it as a candle warmer but just thought it would work. These are not even fitting for my cup of java, let alone our wonderful candles! This particular warmer has only a 9 watt heating element, we deem it useless!





jar candle warming plateThis one is useless as well. With only a 15 watt heating element the jar candle will take forever to melt and will never completely liquify no matter how long you leave it on. The candle scent will be barely noticable; 15 watts is not warm enough to allow the candle to release a decent amount of fragrance. And our last observation, the base is plastic, not a good conductor of heat. This one is completely useless.



candle melter
For the same reasons listed for the above model, this one is useless as well. It too has only a 15 watt heating plate, and a plastic base.






Let’s move on to the “Good” category. Although I personally wouldn’t use these, they at least heat up a little more than the useless ones.

candle heaterThis style has a 17 watt heating element. Not much above useless, and since we have actually used this one we can’t say for sure if the base is plastic or ceramic. But 17 watts is still not warm enough to produce a good amount of aroma.



electric candle warmer This style gets the same rank as the one directly above as it too has only a 17 watt heating element. But this one definitely has a plastic base, not a good heat conductor. Plus we don’t care much for the on/off switch directly located on the unit, we prefer the switch to be on the cord. When the candles get liquid they expand and the wax can come very close to the top. Any movement on the base, like turning it off, could make the wax spill out and all over the warmer.


candle warming plate

This warmer has an 18 watt heating element, slightly more than the above styles but still just “good” not better.







Let’s move on to the “Better” category.

candle heaterThis is the jar candle warmer that we sold until around Dec. 2006. This warmer has a 20 watt heating element and melts an average candle in about 3-5 hours. Much of the time difference depends on the room temperature. The candle will liquify more quickly within a room where the temperature is around 80 degrees versus an air-conditioned room or a room of a house in the winter at around 70 degrees. And although it has a plastic base, it is wide and sturdy with a heater that is much better than any of the styles above.

Beware -- we have seen an identical model that looks just like this one except it has only a 15 watt heating element. Please look at the bottom of the warmer before you buy it, the volts (110) and watts are usually listed on the underside. There is another one on the market that is almost identical, it is a smaller version of this exact model and it too has only a 15 watt heater.


And we saved the ours for last........The “Best” category.

hot plate for jar candlesOur new jar candle warmers are the “best” of the best. And to top it off, we sell them for the same price as the ones we used to carry, and we sell them for less than most of the other ones on the market.

  • 24 watt heating element
  • Heavy duty ceramic base
  • On/off switch on the cord

Our new jar candle warmer measures 5 1/2” wide and 1 3/4” tall. The heating surface more than accomodates a standard 14 oz or 16 oz apothecary jar candle, the standard size jars on the market. The largest candle we recommend for a flat style warmer is 16oz.  Candle-licious jar candles melt in about 2-3 hours on the new warmer, and produce aroma for many weeks before needing to be replaced.

Available in a light sage color and a white/ivory color.
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