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We would like to share with you what customers are saying about our candles. We want you to know our candles really are as good as we say they are. These are actual comments and actual testimonials we?ve received from customers. We don?t change a thing.

More scent than Yankee Candle, 3 times more fragrant than Partylite Candles!

Elisa C. from Colorad Springs, CO says:

?Just opening the box gave me a sense of aromas that were amazing....What a blend! We burned just one votive in the family room last night and to our surprise it did just what you had promised. The entire first floor of our home smelled wonderful! Just one votive! Looking forward to ordering again & again.

Stephen W. from Charlotte, NC says:

I got a phone call from the owner of Candle-licious. He had actually followed up on what was some sort of credit card entering problem for an order that I had placed. Not my first, however I would not have gotten the order if he had not run down the information from my name and ID to get my home phone number. We fixed it and I got my order. Just another way that this is no ordinary web site.  I have no idea how many candles, melts, and supplies I have ordered. I was tire of buying these supposed scented candles for a ridiculous price, only to have them burn up too fast, or only half. These are undoubtedly the best scented, burning, and consistent candles I have ever found. Couple that with the ?small town? ways of doing business and you have a winner. I tell everyone who comes over (I have to because they always ask what is that scent?) and everyone in the various groups I am involved with to buy no where else...just wanted to say thank you for a good product by good people.

May R. from Lindenhurst, NY says:

I would like to compliment your company on making such wonderful candles. I have ordered from you twice so far, and I am so pleased with the quality of the candles. Yes, these tea lights are very fragrant, and do scent an entire room! Tea lights are my favorite style candles, and every scent that I have ordered so far are so pleasing! They have arrived in high quality condition also. Thank you very much. I will be a frequent customer!

Marilyn from Oak Forest, IL says:

I received my Candle-licious order on Saturday and have already tried Fresh Linen and Angelic. THEY ABSOLUTELY LIVE UP TO THEIR REPUTATION! They burn for hours and hours and fragrance at least 2 rooms, if not more - I am so pleased! I've already told a number of people about you and given them your information. So, do not be surprised if you have more new customers soon. I hope you will do some art/craft shows in the Chicago area this summer. By the way, thanks for the 2 bonus votives you added to my order.

Jeff & Wendy H. from Buffalo, NY say:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with my order. The service was great and so were the lavender tealights!  I order them on the Wednesday before my Saturday wedding, very last minute, and they looked and smelled wonderful! It was a very nice addition to our reception. Thanks again!

Cori Anne B. from Lindenhurst, IL says:

?I bought a few candles from you at the Lake County Fair grounds craft show. I have to say that these are the best candles that I have ever bought!! They totally blow Yankee Candle out of the water!!!

Carolyn Schetler owner of featured
Candle-licious on her website.

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She?ll be featuring our tea lights as she was dually impressed by their strong aroma AND the long burn time!

Shelly M. from Elmont, NY says:

I just wanted you to know that everyone i gave your tart warmers to loved them, they loved the designs ( how unique they were) and the were in heaven with the scents! Thank you for making me a hit this xmas. I actually kept one myself, I love mind also!

Atlantis G. from Mishawaka, IN says:

I received my order yesterday which was impressive in itself (ordered on Friday received on Wed during the holiday season)!! I had to try a few of the candles immediately! The votives began to fill the home with the soft scent of french vanilla rather quickly. The tealights, burn very slow and the fragrance was amazing. I would recommend Candle-licious to anyone that is a "candle fan". I work with a bunch of people who burn two home party brands of candles (as a matter of fact my best friend is a consultant) and I am going to suggest they try your candles and I am SURE they will agree with me, the price, service, quality and offers are worth the switch! You gained a faithful customer anb look forward to my next order!!!!!

Walter R. stationed in Baghdad, Iraq says:

?The candles smell GREAT!!! I ordered some for myself and a couple of friends, hoping to overcome the smell of....well.... sewer gas (the drainage here isn't so great or up to date).... and let me tell you, our rooms, and the hallway of our hotel here in Baghdad smell WONDERFUL. So, I had to order some more for myself, and a couple more for some other friends. And they were delivered a lot sooner than I had expected. Great job, and thank you so much.?

Karen M. from Girard, PA says:

?I just wanted to write and say that your candles are great!! I received my order yesterday and when I opened the box, the smell was just wonderful! The tart burner I ordered was too cute, and the votives and melts smelled soooooooooooooo good!! I am burning the Harvest Time right now and the smell is so nice and strong! I can smell it down the hallway! I am glad that I found your website!!! You have a forever customer. Thank you for making such strong scented and wonderful candles!!

Lawrence from Buffalo Grove, IL says:

?I stopped by my parents house this evening to pick up some items. I was upstairs and I realized the whole house smelled like something really good, I couldn't figure it out....  I asked... turns out, my mother burned your carmel apple votive candle in the kitchen YESTERDAY and it still was smelling the entire house.  I made her give me one of her carmel apple candles. It's been burning here for the last 2 hours in my apartment and it just smells amazing.?

Amanda B. from Wind Lake, WI says:

?Your candles are the absolute best. They burn perfect all the way down with no black soot. They last so long and the wax is so smooth and fragrant. I've been trying to use up my Yankee and Partylite candles so I can buy more of yours.  I was very excited to see that you are at the Grayslake show this weekend. I'm going tomorrow so I can restock my supply of your candles!!!?

Laura P. from Walden, NY says:

?I was very apprehensive about ordering candles online...sight un-smelled (so to speak). When I received my order, I couldn?t believe how great your candles smelled, it was when I burned the small votives and smelled how strong they were that really impressed me!! I am now hooked on Candle-licious. Your votives are so strong that one in a room burning will scent it nicely. They burn clean, no soot, and there isn?t a large amount of wax left at the bottom. Even when I put out the votive and re-light them the next day, they are still as strong as the first time. I loved having the on-line candle party. One of my friends was hooked on ?Party-lite? candles, even she couldn?t believe how great and strong your ?Pumpkin Spice? votives were. I tell everyone about your candles and will continue. Happy Burning!!!?

Theresa M. from Avoca, PA says?

?Order arrived today and the tarts are wonderful. I love the amount of scent you use in your candles. I haven?t been able to find any others to match it.?

Tyna K. from Bristol, CT says:

?I received my order on Saturday (wow, that was quick), and I just want to tell you how happy I am! I put them to the Yankee Candle test, and they are much better smelling than Yankee, and they are stronger smelling. I love my tart melter, and your melting hearts are amazing!?

Christine P. from Brookfield, IL says:

I bought two bags of hearts at the craft show in LaGrange-one for myself and one for my sister. These are the most fragrant candles I have ever had. Thye are long lasting and truly fill up a room with their scent. My sister loved the lilac so much she has already placed an order with you. The person in New Jersey is my sister too! I really love your candles and am happy to share my new found secret with friends and family!?

Mike O. from Elgin, IL says:

?I had to write and tell you that these things are FANTASTIC! They actually DO scent the apartment. A great product.?

Steve H. from Rochester, NY says:

?The ?Hearts? are incredible, very potent! My whole house is filled w/the aroma. Your candles RULE! I will be placing another order very soon. Thank you.?

Cynthia C. from Arlington Heights, IL says:

?Just a note to say how pleased I am with your candles. I am SO happy with them. I sent my daughter into my bathroom and asked her what she smelled - she said, ?your perfume, you must have just sprayed it on? - well it was actually your Angelic candles!?

Ann R. from Iron River, MI says:

?Your candles are GREAT!!!! The scents are wonderful they can be smelled all over my BIG house when burning only one candle. I have a very large home and when I burn one of your candles in my kitchen it can be smelled through the entire house. Keep up the good work with your product!?

Dana from Chicago, IL says:

?I recently purchased your Mid-Summer Knight scented candle and I LOVE IT! You said that the scent would fill the entire room, and it truly did. I love the smell of men?s cologne, so it is refreshing to walk into my room now. Good job on creating the perfect candle!?

Nell S. from Carpentersville, IL says:

?I have to tell you I?m hooked on these tarts. When I was checking them out I didn?t think I was going to like the Bayberry. Boy was I wrong. I haven?t used one yet that I didn?t love. Looking forward to the votives I ordered. GOOD BYE YANKEE CANDLE.?

Debbie O. from Muskegon, MI says:

?Second order, 1st ordered late Saturday night recieved Thursday Morning! What service! Great scents do fill an entire room! Love the tart burners and melts!?

Sandra F. from Amherst, WI says:

?One word="WOW!"  I just rec'd my (first) order. I ordered various scented tealights for my home AND 'WOW!' can your tealights scent a room...I can only imagine how your votives or the larger candles would fill a home!!!! I will definitely be ordering more!!!! That's a promise!!!! Thank you!!!!!?

This will be you.

?Because we have the best scented candles you?ll ever burn!?



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