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Internet Candle Party or Online Candle Party

Internet candle parties for people for people who are too busy to host a party at home or have friends and family that live too far away to have over.

Internet Candle Party (Online Candle Party)

Invite your friends to the Candle-licious website to shop and get free candles based on the total amount of purchases made by your guests during your online candle party. Your guests order as normal, paying shipping charges to their home and you receive 20% of the total sales amount in FREE merchandise PLUS get FREE SHIPPING on your order.

The more orders placed, the more free candles you get. Its as easy as that. Online candle party or Internet candle party details:

  • Host chooses 2 consecutive days for the online candle party or internet candle party.
  • We will give you an e-mail invitation, which will include all the party details for you to send off to all of your friends and family.
  • Guests place orders using the website or may place phone orders. Personal checks are not accepted for the online candle party, this will hold up the party. Purchases must be paid for by credit card or PayPal.
  • Host receives 20% of the total sales generated by the guests (excluding shipping charges paid by guests) to be used towards any merchandise on our website.
  • No cash awards given. All credit must be used on one order, after the party ends.
  • The total amount of free merchandise your entitled to will be e-mailed to you after the party ends. You may pay by credit card, PayPal, or personal check any amount purchased over the credit amount earned from the internet candle party.
  • Host receives free shipping on her order. Guests pay normal postage charges.
  • No minimum order stipulations. Receive credit even if your party is small.
  • Guests? orders will ship 5-7 days after the close of the party.
  • Only orders that have the host?s name and payments made with a credit card or PayPal qualify for the internet candle party. We will not accept C.O.Ds or payments by check/mail.
  • E-mail us to set up your Internet candle party, and share your triple-scented secret with everyone you know!

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