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A Clever Problem Solver!
Isn?t it a shame when you blow out your candle and the air fills with smoke? Let the aroma of the candle linger, use a wick dipper!

Candle Accessories That are Hard to Live Without

We hope to be your one-stop shop for candle accessories and everything candle related. Our candle accessories have been hand picked for quality, usefulness, AND value. If there is a candle accessory that you need, and you don?t see it on our site, please E?mail us and we can help you find it. In our never-ending search for the perfect candle accessories we find all kinds of treasures, some we keep and some we let go, so chances are we can help you find what you?re looking for.

Get more than 1000 hours of aroma from our jar candle. Fragrance from our large jar candle lasts 15 times longer using a jar candle warmer versus burning the candle. Based on avg. burn time of about 70 hours per jar candle. Plug it in, turn it on and forget about it, completely safe and wonderfully effective!

Gift idea for the candle lover!
candle care kit for candle lovers

Candle Care Kit $24.99
The candle care kit has every tool you?ll need to keep your candles burning perfectly, wrapped up in a handy tin storage box.

  • Wick Trimmer - Automatically trims wicks to the recommended 1/4" to reduce fire hazards and soot emissions.
  • Wick Dipper - Simply push the burning wick into the molten wax and pull it straight back up again to extinguish candles without smoke.
  • Candle Wipes - Quickly cleans soot from your candle jars to keep them looking fresh and new.
  • Candle Lighter - Easily reaches deep inside jar candles to light your candle.
  • Stylish silver tin elegantly provides a home for your care products, and stores easily in any drawer or sits proudly on your coffee table.

candle matches

Candle Matches

Candle-licious candle matches, a good choice for your lighting needs. These match sticks are 3? long, they burn slowly and last longer than standard kitchen matches. Easily reach down inside your jar candles or candle sconces, and light several candles with just one match. There are 24 long candle matches per box.

shower candle favor bags

Candle Favor Bags
$.55 each
Sheer bags for votive candles, Melting Hearts, or tea light candles. These favor bags are available in light pastel colors: green, yellow, blue and pink. These organza candle favor bags measure 3? by 4? and have colored ribbons to pull them closed.

Make your own shower favors and party gifts!

wicklessr candle warming plate

Candle Warming Plate
On sale $9.95
Enjoy scented container candles without the flame! Jar candle warmers heat the scented wax to fill the home with fragrance without ever lightint the wick. Turn this candle warmer on and forget about it. The wax will liquify and begin releasing aroma within a few hours. In our testing we used our jar candle on the warmer for 5 continuous weeks 24/7 and the fragrance is amazing!

Read about why our candles are better than any others on the market, click here.

jar melterjar candle crock potjar candle heaterjar candle warmer

Jar Candle Warmers

Use jar candles without any worries, these jar candle warmers are the newest in design. Large jars completely fit inside and melt in just a few short hours, quicker than the std flat warmers. Our jar candles remain fragrant for weeks in these jar crock pots. Get more out of your jar candles, use a jar candle warmer and they will last weeks longer! This is the granddaddy of all jar warmers, top of the line quality.

Floating candles

Glass Floaters for T-Candles
$3.00 each

This is a glass candle holder that floats, it holds a tea light candle and keeps the T Candle perfectly balanced, contained, and floating for the life of the tea candle.

floating candle bobbers

Glass Bobbers   Out Of Stock
$9.99 - Box of 12

Glass bobbers are used with your floating candles. These handy little helpers float and keep the floating candles remain centered in your dish. They are clear glass bobbers and they really work.

oil burning dish

Replacement dish for tart burners or oil diffusers $4.25
Accidents happen, in the event you break a dish, you can get a replacement glass dish for your tart burner, oil burner or oil diffuser. This ensures many years life from your tart burne and oil warmer. Glass tart burner dish LARGE is 4 3/4? across at center and the SMALL is 4? wide across the center. The replacement dishes fits most tart burners, oil warmers, oil diffusers that accommodate a glass dish. To order online click here.

New Item: Battery powered T Candles, yes they flicker! The tea candles run on long-lasting batteries, the flicker for up to 100 hours, and the batteries are easily replaceable. We sell the batteries as well! Flicker lights are a safe alternative for wood and floral decorations that use a candle.

Click the image below to start the short demonstration on battery tea lights.

battery tealights

Trim your wicks with a stainless steel wick trimmer

Wick Trimmer

Trim your wick without over-trimming. Our wick trimmer is the best of the best. Effortless action trims the candle wick precisely at 1/4? and prevents any good candle from smoking. A unique 1/4? ?foot? on the bottom is the secret. It prevents over-trimming!
Guaranteed to make candles last longer.

Measuring foot allows for a perfect cutting length every time. No more overtrimming!

  • Patent pending design fits easily into any candle.
  • Unique debris tray catches wick trimmings.
  • Durable Stainless steel construction.
  • Sharp blades cut precisely through any wick.
  • Extends the life of your candles.

wick dipper

Click image below for a short demonstration.
smokeless candles

Wick Dipper

Wick dippers extinguish candles without any smoke at all! Your candle will light quicker & the wick burns better because it is coated in wax and won't become brittle.

Using the ?hook? end simply push the burning wick into the melted wax pool, lift it out, and re-center wick. Click here for printable instructions.

  • Smoke-free candle snuffing.
  • Prevents wick smoldering to a nub.
  • Keeps wick from becoming brittle.
  • Easy to re-center wick.
  • Wick relights faster.

See the wick dipper in action for yourself!

First you?ll see a candle extinguished the old way (old smokey), then you?ll see the wick dipper in action! Completely smokeless, smoke free to keep the fragrance of the candle in the air longer.

remove candle wax easily

Wax Remover

  • Removes difficult to clean candle wax spills
  • Twist closure for accurate remover application
  • Encapsulates hydrocarbon chains found in candle wax
  • Tough on wax easy on fabrics

wipe off soot with candle wipes

Candle Wipes

  • Quickly and easily remove soot buildup from inside candle jars
  • Keep candle jars and accessories looking new and clean
  • Candle Wipes™ are individually packaged and sealed
  • One box contains 24 pouches


Candle Snuffer $8.99

This candle accessory is for those who enjoy the traditional method of extinguishing candles, snuffing them out.

A candle accessory collection wouldn?t be complete without the traditional candle snuffer. Candle snuffers have been around for hundreds of years. Snuffers add ?class? to any decor. The handle measures 11" long and the bell is 1 1/2" wide, on a hinge.

Candle snuffers work by smothering the flame. Lower the bell-end over the flame until it goes out.

rubber fittings for votive holders, replacement gaskets

Rubber Gaskets
$0.89 each Lower price $.59 each

Replacement rubber gaskets or rubber grommets for peg light holders. This is the piece that stretches over the glass shank or ?nub? that sticks out of the bottom of the holder. This piece helps the glass peg light fit snugly inside the taper candle holder. Inside dimension across is 11/16ths of an inch, thickness of the rubber is 1/16th of an inch, and 1/2? tall.

gift box for candles

Candle Gift Box

The perfect gift box for some of our products. Make it easy on yourself to give a Candle-licious candle. This Kraft box comes with beautiful burgundy tissue paper inside. This box measures approximately:
4? x 4? x 6? and it fits about 6 boxes of our 4-pk tea light candles, one jar candle, up to 5 bags of Melting Hearts or a dozen votive candles.

?A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.?