Fundraiser Candles

Why a Candle-licious Candle Fundraiser?

Our candles are triple-scented, long-burning, have 100% cotton wicks, and are affordably priced. Your group will be offering the very best-scented candle on the market. Let your fundraising project really standout among the rest. Offer your group something they’ll be proud to sell totheir friends and family, and after the friends and family burn these candles,they will ask for them again.

  • Big profits, small effort!
  • Easy sell
  • No Leftover Inventory
  • Handcrafted candles, made in the USA.
  • Uncompromised quality means high consumer appreciation.

Let Candle-licious help your organization earn money through a candle fundraiser. We love to help a good cause. Candles are quickly becoming the “fundraiser of choice” by organizations because the products are EASY TO SELL, and the rewards greatly exceed those of the traditional fundraiser involving candy sales, wrapping paper, etc. Everyone loves candles, and for the one or two that don’t, they KNOW someone who does and will still buy.

How Our Fundraiser Program Earns You More

Handmade candles are the best fundraiser product and here's why.


You buy our products at cost through our online store.


Sell the candles however you want. NO restrictions.


All the rest is your profit.
NO inflated markup.

EMAIL US or Call 1 (800) 880-9852

Exceed Expectations

Many times other fundraiser products are disappointing to consumers. It is smaller than normal or not worth the inflated price. That item's price is greatly marked-up. Unlike other companies, we do not ask you to sell our product at a "marked-up amount" in order for you to profit. You sell it at the same price we sell it for, and you keep all the profit above cost.

Example of Funds Raised:
25 participants, each sells 5 candles, group nets almost $900.00.

“You have our attention. Our first order of jar candles were indeed as good as, and BETTER than, you advertise.”

Jerry B. from Fayetteville, GA

General Fundraiser Program Information

By offering your group a large percentage of the total sales, thousands of dollars can be earned for your cause with minimal effort. We do all the work. We provide the custom order forms stating your group’s name and cause. We collect the forms, make the candles, and ship them to you quickly. If in the Chicagoland area, we can even make arrangements to deliver them to your group. All the group has to do is collect money at time of order, and then get the candles to the people.

Samples Policy

We do not have a printed catalog and we do not send free samples. You may purchase samples for your fundraiser, here's how the fundraiser samples work. Whether these samples are to use during the fundraiser, or just to test out our candles to see how good they are, you purchase them at retail directly from our website and after your fundraiser has finished and we get your order we will credit you back the difference in price from the retail price you paid to the fundraiser price. When you order your samples please check the box in the checkout section that notes that your candles are samples for a fundraiser. We'll note that on your account for crediting when we fulfill the fundraiser.

Inventory Policy

You only receive what was ordered for that fundraiser. There are no hassles with inventory or leftover merchandise that didn’t sell.

Americans partnering with Americans.

Earn reward points! Account holders get 1 point for every dollar spent!

Notice: Maintaining a limited shelf stock. Anticipate 10-15 day for us to prepare then ship orders.