The Candle-licious Company

"We love burning candles. For years, Sue and I bought what we thought were scented candles. But when we burned them, we didn’t smell anything. Sometimes, if we burned five or six candles at a time, we would notice a faint aroma, but overall, we used candles for ambiance."

The WhyDavid Stedman of Candle-licious

Dave Stedman and his late fiance, Sue Davey, researched the art and science of crafting wax candles. They made candles...lots of candles. Researched even more, and continued experimenting. They believed they could create a candle that would make their home smell as wonderful as it made it look. And they did!

The Where

"We began pouring candles in our kitchen back in Elgin, IL in December 1998. Today, in Morrison, IL each candle is hand-poured using a very unique formula and a special pouring technique. We developed a proprietary wax blend that allows us to add more fragrance oil than any other candle on the market."

The Who

"Thanks, mainly, to the encouragement of our family and close friends, we began to offer our candles for sale to others in January 2000. Our friends really do deserve credit for our being the company that we are today by providing invaluable feedback to help us make the perfect candle. They tested scents and burn times, putting up with the bad and the “not so bad.”

Tragically, in 2008, Sue died in a car accident, taking, it seemed, the life and love of the business with her. As Dave struggled through his grief, family friend, Diane, came like a breath of fresh air, encouraging Dave, and bringing life back to Candle-licious. She is the talent behind the great candle photography on this site.

Today, as Dave adds new scents and new products to our line of premium candles, we ask that all of our customers be as honest as our original testers. Through our online product review process, we hope you will let us know what is working and what is not."

YOU are now the Who and the Why. Thank you!

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