Candle Burning Tips and Safety Reminders

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Now that the weather is cooling off we can feel Fall swiftly approaching. This season is one of the most popular times to burn scented candles or give candles as gifts. With everyone starting their candle burning we thought it was a good time to talk about candle burning tips and safety reminders.

Scented candles burning tips

Never Leave Candle Burning Unattended

What exactly does this mean some ask? If my candle is burning in the kitchen and I am in the living room is the candle then considered unattended? We think an unattended candle is any candle burning that is not maintained or periodically checked. Obviously you should never leave your home for any period of time with a candle burning. Having a candle burning in another room of your home would not be considered unattended as long as you use good candle burning safety.

Consider Your Candle Burning Surroundings

Before you start to burn your candles observe the surroundings. Can a child or pet reach the candle? You don’t want a pet getting burned or knocking over a burning candle. Children are curious, asking them not to touch isn’t always enough. Keep a burning candle out of children’s reach. Is the area free from drafts or open windows? Remember even the slightest breeze from a ceiling fan or open window can blow paper or curtains near a burning candle. Is the candle on a heat resistant surface? Think about placing a small ceramic or stoneware plate under the candle. Another alternative is a small wall or floor tile found at home improvement stores. Heat rises, if burning the candle on a shelf always maintain at least 24” of open space above candle. If not sure the distance is safe, hold your hand above the burning candle if you can feel the heat after a minute then anything above might become too hot after several hours of burning and you should find another location for candle burning.

Maintain and Periodically Check

Before lighting check the wick, is it center in the container and properly trimmed? If wick is not center and the flame touches the sides of the container for any extended time it can cause the container to crack. Check your burning candle every hour or so. If flame is smoking or too tall extinguish the flame, trim the wick before relighting. When checking your candle always ensure wick is still centered in the container and flame is not touching the sides of the candle container.

great tool for candle burningkeeps candles clean when burning

place under burning candle to protect surface from heat

Keeps burning candles wick trimmed






For good maintenance practices we recommend purchasing a wick dipper, candle wipes, candle coasters and trimming scissors. These handy tools will help you keep candles burning clean and trouble free right to the end.

To learn more about proper candle burning visit our FAQ page, safety page or burning tips page


Regardless of the brand of candle you are burning follow the recommended candle burning instructions on the label. When in doubt put it out and contact the manufacturer. if they cannot be reached call candle-licious 800-880-9852 even if we didn’t make the candle we will try to help and answer any questions about proper burning and maintenance.

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