Host an internet candle party, earn free candles!

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Internet Candle Party

Too busy to host a party at home or friends and family that live too far away to invite over?

Share your candle secret, invite family and friends to the Candle-licious website to shop and you get free candles for yourself based on the total amount of purchases made by your guests during your internet candle party. The candle party participants order as normal, using a unique code assigned to your online candle party and you receive 25% in loyalty points credited to your account on all items sold. Use the loyalty points accumulated from your party to get free merchandise plus get free shipping.

The more orders placed the more free candles you get. It’s as easy as that.

Internet candle party details:

• 2 consecutive days for the online candle party

•  we draft the e-mail invitation, which will include all the party details and unique party code for you to send off to all of your friends and family. You email the invitation to friends and family or post candle party on your Facebook page or other social media to attract even more guests to your internet candle party.

• invited guests place orders using the website with your unique code that allows us to track and credit your account for all candle party sales.

• you receive 25% of the sales in loyalty points (excluding shipping charges paid by guests) to be used towards any merchandise on our website.

• the free merchandise total you’re entitled to will be added to your candle-licious account 3-5 days after the internet candle party ends.

• you receive free shipping on order.

• no minimum order stipulations. Receive points even if your party is small.

• orders will ship 2-4 days after the close of the candle party.


Are you ready for some free candles? give us a call 1 800-880-9852 or

E-mail us to set up your Internet candle party, and share your triple-scented secret with everyone you know!

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