Why are Candle-licious triple scented candles so fragrant?

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All About Our Fragrance.

Many candle makers use fragrance oils that are “multipurpose” oils. These fragrance oils can be used for incense, bath and body products (scented lotions & soaps), room fresheners, and body oils. They save money buying and using these less expensive fragrance oils. Yes, they may advertise triple scented candles or they use “uncut” oils however they are multi-use oils which means they are not specifically designed for maximum scent output in candles. Candlelicious uses fragrance oils made only for candle making. Our “high end” oils cost more and are specifically designed to amalgamate with wax for maximum scent output.

All About Our Wax.

Other candle makers use a pre-blended wax to make candles.There are many brands and types of pre-blended wax, each with a predetermined amount of scent load capacity. Depending on the wax/additive blend, it’s only possible to add between one-half of an ounce to one ounce (3%-6%) of fragrance oil to each pound of pre-blend wax. This is the maximum amount of fragrance oil “pre-blended wax” will hold, (the scent load capacity).

Wax is like a sponge. It can only hold so much fragrance oil. Once that limit is pushed, the fragrance oil seeps out of the wax like water runs out of a dripping wet sponge. So even if another candle maker wanted to add more fragrance oil, they just can’t, it would run out.

A few slightly more premium candles, made from wax that retains 1.5 oz of fragrance oil per pound, are what some candle makers call “triple-scented” candles. Those are the candles that may smell a fair amount when burned. This “triple scent” notion is based on past times when a 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax was the standard.

Triple Scented Candles

Real Triple Scented Candles

Our Triple Scented Candles

No one does what we do. No one has our wax blend. We mix our blend, from scratch. Our proprietary wax blend allows us to add well over two ounces of pure undiluted fragrance oil (almost 13%) to every pound of wax. This is unheard of and even criticized because they say “that’s just not possible.” Who is “they” you ask? We figure it’s the other candle makers and the “big guys” that don’t have our recipe AND our know-how!

I guess if they haven’t heard of it, or done it, it’s just not possible right? Wrong! Ask any other candle maker exactly how much fragrance oil they use, and if they’re even willing to tell you without double talk or technical jargon, I guarantee it won’t be 2 ounces per pound. No one makes a candle with more fragrance oil.

Candle-licious triple scented candles are the most aromatic candles that you will ever burn.

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