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  • 100% cotton wicks
  • No Wire Wicks
  • No Lead Wicks
  • Hand Crafted Perfection
  • Hand Made in the U.S.A.
  • Committment to Safety
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Maximum Burn Time
  • Maximum Fragrance Saturation
  • Maximum Scent Release
  • No Wasted Wax
  • 40 Fragrances and Growing



member of igcaProud members of the IGCA, Internation al Guild of Candle Artisans.


candle safety memberExceeding all candle safety standards set forth by the National Candle Association.

Listed members in the candle-safety organization.

lead free candle wicksWe do not use lead wicks and no wire wicks at all.


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Highly Scented, Premium,
Triple-Scented Candles

We are so confident in our scented candles that we offer this guarantee: Our highly scented candles will fill an entire room with aroma (yes even our tea light candles will scent your entire room). Our candles will liquify and burn all the way down. Each candle is crafted by hand using our own proprietary clean-burning wax blend, scented through to the very bottom using our special pouring process with premium grade fragrance oils made specifically for candle use and maximum fragrance release, 100% cotton wicks, and rigorously tested by us, to ensure the best burning most richly scented candle your hard-earned money can buy! Guaranteed! You have nothing to lose and a ton of aroma to gain! Try a tea light trial pack , it’s a great way to sample a few of our scents.

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How many times have you bought a scented candle, lit it, and then smelled nothing? Have you burned a candle only to have to stand over it to smell it?  How about a buried wick that can’t be relit?  How often have you had wax left over on the sides of the holder? Stop wasting money on candles that are not made right. Anyone can add some fragrance oil to wax and make a candle that smells when you put it to your nose. Very few can make a candle that will completely liquify, AND burn all the way down AND scent your entire room. Read about how and why Candle-licious candles are more fragrant.

Read an honest, non-bias review of our strong scented candles, read what the owner of “Candlefind” has to say about our little tea light candles....JUST LITTLE TEA LIGHTS, imagine what melts or votives will do!

Read how our customers love our scented candles over Yankee and Partylite, click here to read the reviews.

When you love your candle, tell a friend...
if you have a problem with your candle, tell us. When our customers speak, we listen!

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Please let us know if you write a review of our candles on a review board or website or forum, we’ll happily add your review to our customer comments page and add you in as a “preferred customer.” Often times we ask preferred customers to sample candles and test burn for us. The feedback helps us add new scents.

Sometimes More is Definitely More!

Our triple scented candles have 3 times more pure fragrance oil in them than any retail “store-bought” scented candle has.  Infact, even other handcrafted candles do not have this much fragrance oil in them.

Compare our hand poured triple scented candles with any other candles made. You will not find but a few that can “hold a candle” to ours... You’ll know you have a Candle-licious candle burning, you will smell the difference.

Why are Candle-licious highly scented candles more fragrant than other so-called triple-scented candles?

Many candle makers use fragrance oils that are “multi-purpose” oils. These fragrance oils can be used for incense, bath and body products (scented lotions & soaps), room fresheners, and body oils. They save money buying and using these less expensive fragrance oils. Yes, they may advertise they use “uncut” oils however they are multi-use oils which means they are not specifically designed for maximum scent output in candles. Candlelicious uses fragrance oils made only for candemaking, these oils can not be used in any other application. Our “high end” oils cost more and are specifically designed to amalgamate with wax for maximum scent output.

Other candle makers use a pre-blended wax to make candles. There are many brands and types of pre-blended wax, each with a predetermined amount of scent load capacity. Depending on the wax/additive blend, it’s only possible to add between one-half of an ounce to one ounce (3%-6%) of fragrance oil to each pound of pre-blend wax. This is the maximum amount of fragrance oil “pre-blended wax” will hold, (the scent load capacity).

Wax is like a sponge. It can only hold so much fragrance oil. Once that limit is pushed, the fragrance oil seeps out of the wax like water runs out of a dripping wet sponge. So even if another candle maker wanted to add more fragrance oil, he just can’t, it would run out.

A few slightly more premium candles, made from wax that retains 1.5 oz of fragrance oil per pound, are what some candle makers call “triple-scented” candles. Those are the candles that may smell a fair amount when burned. This “triple scent” notion is based on past times when a 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax was the standard. one does what we do. No one has our wax blend. We mix our blend, from scratch. Our proprietary wax blend allows us to add WELL OVER TWO OUNCES of pure undiluted fragrance oil (almost 13%) to every pound of wax. This is unheard of and even criticized because they say “that’s just not possible.” Who is “they” you ask? We figure it’s the other candle makers and the “big guys” that don’t have our recipe AND our know-how!

I guess if they haven’t heard of it, or done it, it’s just not possible right? Wrong! Ask any other candle maker exactly how much fragrance oil they use, and if they’re even willing to tell you without double talk or technical jargon, I guarantee it won’t be 2 ounces per pound. No one makes a candle with more fragrance oil. Candle-licious triple scented candles are the most aromatic candles that you will ever burn.

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You may read all the public reviews about our candles at Click on “Review Board” and go to the “C & D” section. We are on page 2 or 3, look for our company name Candle-licious. We have THE MOST REVIEWS of any other candle company in the world. We also have the best reviews of any other candle company.

Highly scented candles that add aroma to your entire home. Just one small candle will scent a large room of your house, and beyond. Burn the most fragrant candles on the market. Once you’ve burned a candle with this much fragrance oil in it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another scented candle you like as much.

Also worth mentioning is no more wasted unburned wax. Votives, jars, and tealights should liquify. It is the hot liquid wax that produces the most aroma. Because our candles liquify, there won’t be any wax left on the sides when our candle is finished. We guarantee a great burning, highly scented jar candle, heavily scented votive candle, and richly scented tealight candle. Yes, even our tealight candles scent a room!



The Candles that Went to Iraq and Why

It smells “different” in Iraq. Different than home. The drainage systems are poor, and sewer/septic systems are old. Let’s say the scent in some areas needs improvement. To the delight of our soldiers’ olfactory senses, someone brought in Candle-licious candles. Now, we ship to Iraq weekly. These soldiers insist on a whole new standard of aroma!

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Made in America

american made using american products

Triple scented candles hand poured in Morrison, IL., on U.S. Route 30 (Historic Lincoln Hwy).
100% American made. Some imported candles may have lead wicks which are not safe. Be sure to request candles made in the U.S.A.

Morrison Illinois, Whiteside County



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